A Guide to Account-Based Sales Development: Meeting the Challenges of the Modern Buyer’s Journey

Knock, knock.

Nobody is answering the door. It’s locked tight. Maybe it’s even double-bolted. But you still have to find a way to open it. You must get inside.

It’s the challenge B2B sales teams face every day. Behind that door is a business that you know would be a great fit for your product or solution. And if you only had the chance to educate the people inside that company to understand your value proposition, there could be a real conversation about how you can help them better achieve their goals.

But getting the attention of high-value prospects is not easy at a time when “interruption selling” has become increasingly ineffective. Today, salespeople have the ability to reach out to more prospects than ever. Yet paradoxically, more can be less. They’re actually engaging with fewer potential customers because people simply are crazy-busy. They’ve learned not to pick up the phone and will delete the impersonal blast emails that pour into their inbox. That sort of unsophisticated outreach is the sales equivalent of endlessly knocking at that door.

You’re being ignored.

A different kind of key is needed to unlock those opportunities. And that’s why savvy businesses are turning to a more thoughtful strategy of penetrating their most important accounts: Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD).

This eBook is a chance to learn more about why ABSD is so effective early in the sales lifecycle. Business experts will discuss how it generates more pipeline, improves sales velocity and creates a higher Average Sales Price. It also will explore the emerging technology stack that’s making account-based sales repeatable and scalable.

This is how creative businesses not only are opening those most lucrative doors, but breaking them down.

Is Account-Based Marketing right for your organization?

With a lot of buzz comes confusion, so let’s start at the beginning — Is ABM right for you?

Creating The First Ever MarTech "Customer Experience" Stack

Article written by Sangram Vajre,
Co-Founder and CMO at Terminus
May 19, 2015


Connect Leads with Accounts for Accurate Account-Based Nurturing

It’s less about sheer speed of response to individual prospects, but more about nurturing, messaging, targeting, and selling into accounts and organizations.

Our customers are so innovative. See Who.

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We’re thrilled to be working with LeanData. They are changing our approach for quickly identifying the highest quality leads.

Nicole Sanders
Nicole SandersDirector of Demand Generation at ServiceMax

LeanData provides Holy Grail-like advances in efficiency and time-management for my SDRs. It has given several hours back each day to my SDRs by automating the previously time-consuming manual tasks of lead triage, research and transfer.

Lars Nilsson
Lars NilssonVP of Global Inside Sales at Cloudera

We’ve had an absolutely incredible experience with LeanData thus far. I am beyond impressed with the level of service and attention that we’ve received with our implementation.

Nani Jansen
Nani JansenSenior Manager, Marketing Operations at Demandbase

LeanData helps us by doing things with its Router and Converter products that I just haven’t seen other companies do.

Gabe Paley
Gabe PaleyManager, Demand Generation & Account-Based Marketing at InsightSquared
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