Account-based strategies start with lead-to-account matching

Never lose a lead again

It’s an account-based world, and we’re just living in it. Account-Based Marketing. Account-Based Sales Development. Account-Based Everything. Businesses are rapidly adopting strategies that target the key accounts most likely to buy their products. But to be truly successful at account-based anything, you must start with a solid lead-to-account matching solution.

LeanData has the Best Lead-to-Account Matching Algorithm – period. 

No other lead-to-account matching solution comes close to what we offer in accuracy, speed or security. We were the first to develop a matching algorithm in 2012, and we’ve been perfecting our solution ever since. And we’ll prove it to you with a free matching trial.

Put us to the test. We’ll match your data. And our team will walk you through the results.

You will see:

  • How many of leads match into existing accounts – a crucial first step to any account-based strategy
  • How well you’re doing at generating leads in your target accounts
  • The potential deals you're leaving on the table

What do you have to lose? Sign-up now.

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We’re thrilled to be working with LeanData. They are changing our approach for quickly identifying the highest quality leads.

Nicole Sanders
Nicole SandersDirector of Demand Generation at ServiceMax

LeanData provides Holy Grail-like advances in efficiency and time-management for my SDRs. It has given several hours back each day to my SDRs by automating the previously time-consuming manual tasks of lead triage, research and transfer.

Lars Nilsson
Lars NilssonVP of Global Inside Sales at Cloudera

We’ve had an absolutely incredible experience with LeanData thus far. I am beyond impressed with the level of service and attention that we’ve received with our implementation.

Nani Jansen
Nani JansenSenior Manager, Marketing Operations at Demandbase

LeanData helps us by doing things with its Router and Converter products that I just haven’t seen other companies do.

Gabe Paley
Gabe PaleyManager, Demand Generation & Account-Based Marketing at InsightSquared
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