Optimize your tech stack for better
marketing and sales alignment in 2019


Learn how technologies like Sigstr Pulse and LeanData can help you achieve higher revenue growth in 2019

Imagine this: 2019 reviews are underway and you can actually move “Better Marketing and Sales alignment” from your wish list to your accomplishment list for the year. Having the right combination of tools in your tech stack to link the right data to the right people can help make this a reality.

Here’s the good news, if you use LeanData or Sigstr Relationships you’re already on your way!

Watch the on-demand webinar, with world class tech strategist Eli Snyder from Intelligent Demand, and learn how leveraging technologies such as Sigstr Relationships and LeanData as part of your tech stack can help you:
  • Remove roadblocks from your ABM strategy
  • Bring data into your territory planning strategies
  • Ensure your most important contacts are at your field marketing events 
  • Bring relationship intelligence into your most important contacts and accounts to understand engagement
  • Clearly see how leads are routed, ensuring customers are contacted by the best fit rep
  • See higher conversions when your sales team is focused on higher-quality demand
And ultimately, achieve better alignment between your marketing and sales teams and see higher revenue growth in 2019.

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Eli Snyder

Technology Strategy Director

Intelligent Demand

Asher Mathew

VP Business Development


Justin Keller

Vice President of Marketing



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