How Is Okta Driving 50+% Y/Y Growth?
Revenue Ops Is the Secret Sauce

See How Okta Is Leveraging Revenue Operations Today

Founded 10 years ago, Okta was an early pioneer in centering its go-to-market strategy around delivering a seamless customer experience across the revenue chain.

By centralizing its sales and marketing org and martech stack early in the game, Okta removed silos common in many B2B businesses today which commonly hinder growth.

Okta's unified go-to-market approach, which exemplifies the emerging paradigm called Revenue Operations, is the foundation from which Okta today is fueling upwards of 50% year-over-year growth.

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Take a sneak peek at Okta’s unique go-to-market org & tech stack
  • Hear how a centralized Revenue Ops strategy supports Okta's growth strategy
  • Learn from this best-practices B2B leader tips for shifting your own business to Revenue Ops model


Lennard Fischer

VP, Demand Generation



Karen Steele



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