Scaling Revenue Operations and
for 2019 and Beyond


Grow your Bottom Line with Revenue Operations

Go-to-market (GTM) planning for 2019 is well underway, and leading organizations are using revenue operations to effectively execute their GTM plan and hit critical revenue goals in the new year. 

In this webinar, Karen Steele, CMO at LeanData, and special guest Steve Silver, Senior Research Director, Sales Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions, explore the important role of revenue operations in helping you achieve your 2019 go-to-market goals.

In this session, you will learn: 
  • Market trends for planning and building an effective go-to-market strategy for 2019
  • Why revenue operations is the key to achieving your 2019 go-to-market plan
  • Key challenges and milestones to consider
  • Metrics and technology needed to support a focused revenue operations strategy
  • An effective sales planning model to support revenue acceleration 

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Steve Silver

Senior Research Director, Sales Operations Strategies


Karen Steele

Chief Marketing



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