Why Cleaning Your CRM Won’t Work - New Revelations on Dirty Databases

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Thursday, January 25 | 10 AM PT/1 PM ET


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Why Cleaning Your CRM Won't Work - New Revelations on Dirty Databases


  • Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder & Chief Analyst, TOPO Inc.
  • Brett Rogers, Solutions Consultant, LeanData
Cleaning your database is a thankless and never-ending task. As a diligent ops person, you have standardized list uploads, run regular cleaning schedules, and educated Sales and Marketing about field management. However, you will never reach that 100% pristine state. Or wait a few months, and it's going to get dirty again.

Join TOPO's Craig Rosenberg and LeanData’s Brett Rogers as they explore:
  • Why data stays dirty even after cleaning
  • Developing processes for incoming data
  • Using data to drive account-based initiatives
Don’t miss this chance to learn how to maneuver around your dirty database and start driving revenue.

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Craig Rosenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Analyst


Brett Rogers

Solutions Consultant