ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Building the Perfect Beast - Designing a repeatable, scalable, and successful sales machine

Modern sales is not about a lone salesperson persuading someone to buy a product. Closing a B2B deal today is a complex choreography of actions among various members of a team who are using cutting-edge technologies to create a powerful selling process. It’s about building the perfect beast.

Kelsey Barber of Datanyze, Julian Pisani of Rhumbx and Jonathon J. Leon Guerrero of LeanData are three sales operations professionals on the B2B front-lines. In this can’t-miss webinar, the trio will share their perspectives and hard-earned lessons about designing a repeatable, scalable and successful sales machine.

Whether you’re just getting started on designing your sales process or are considering a reset to an existing one, this webinar will help you think through the critical decisions that go into building that perfect beast?

Is Account-Based Marketing right for your organization?

With a lot of buzz comes confusion, so let’s start at the beginning — Is ABM right for you?

Creating The First Ever MarTech "Customer Experience" Stack

Article written by Sangram Vajre,
Co-Founder and CMO at Terminus
May 19, 2015


Connect Leads with Accounts for Accurate Account-Based Nurturing

It’s less about sheer speed of response to individual prospects, but more about nurturing, messaging, targeting, and selling into accounts and organizations.

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