ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Pioneering Account-Based Sales Development

Lars Nilsson has spent his career building Silicon Valley inside sales teams. Now he has built a sales methodology that transforms how businesses approach high-value targets – Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD).

This is a chance to hear directly from the pioneer of ABSD. Nilsson, Cloudera’s vice president of global inside sales, will conduct a webinar that explains how ABSD improves productivity, efficiency and speed by empowering Account Development Reps to quarterback the campaigns needed to penetrate your most coveted accounts.

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the context of target accounts and the prospects within them
  • Creating the cadence of sales messaging
  • Technology tools that fuel ABSD

Adam New-Waterson, CMO with LeanData
Lars Nilsson, VP, Global Inside Sales with Cloudera

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Connect Leads with Accounts for Accurate Account-Based Nurturing

It’s less about sheer speed of response to individual prospects, but more about nurturing, messaging, targeting, and selling into accounts and organizations.

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