The State of Revenue Ops 2018


A Survey of B2B Sales & Marketing Professionals

When it comes to revenue, Sales and Marketing are in it together. But when it comes to revenue operations, companies are divided.

According to our new report with Sales Hacker, "The State of Revenue Ops,” only 20% percent of organizations have a revenue ops team, while 15% percent are building one. Additionally, 51% of organizations believe revenue ops is a critical motion because of increased complexity, focus on customer success, and the short-sightedness of the MQL to SQL strategy.

That means now’s the time to get ahead of the curve and scale RevOps effectively.

Read the State of Revenue Ops report to learn how almost 800 of your sales and marketing peers define revenue ops. See the biggest pitfalls to avoid in building a revenue ops team, and the challenges in defining its success. 

Don’t be left behind. Get The State of Revenue Ops today.

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